About me

Summarizing a life is a difficult feat.
So instead, here are some facts about mine.
For all the details and colorful stuff, don’t hesitate to ask, or skim through my videos and writings.

I was born in Belgium, on March 19, 1989.
I have grey hairs already. It’s ridiculous.
After high school, I studied Literature and Linguistics at the University of Antwerp.
I loved it there so much, and couldn’t decide on where to go next, that I simply stayed put. I obtained my Master’s degree in English, and my second Master’s degree in Literary Studies. One of the amazingly inspiring professors at the University of Antwerp encouraged me to start a PhD studies, under his tutelage. I embraced the opportunity and dove into the Manuscript Studies of Samuel Beckett. While I loved the work and enjoyed the company of such great colleagues, I found out relatively soon that it was not for me. I felt the overwhelming urge to create and tell my own stories, rather than continue to decipher and analyse someone else’s. With respect to Samuel Beckett, I hung my hat and moved on to a different chapter.

I’m currently a third year student at the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire, where I study “Woordkunst” (literally translated as WordArt), a drama studies aimed at stage performance, creative writing, and media training. During the past years, I have learned so much. Most of all, to always give in to my desire and undeniable need to tell stories. Whether that be through my writing, audio stories, text performances or YouTube videos.

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